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Couples counseling is not the same as individual counseling


The Gottman Method is the primary foundation for my couples work. I also use other methods as needed and appropriate including EFT, Shame Resilience, and more. I believe that The Gottman Method is the seminal method for couples therapy.  This method is based in more than 40 years of research done by Drs. John and Julie Gottman and their colleagues. They have studied thousands of couples around the world. They have studied healthy couples and struggling couples. The therapy is designed to help move struggling couples learn the skills of the healthy couples.

Couples therapy is a place to explore how your stuff is negatively getting activated by your partners stuff. Couples therapy is a place to create safety to explore difficult topics.  Couples therapy is a place to learn communication skills for life and living.  Couples therapy can be fun.   Couples therapy can be emotional. 

Through couples therapy you can bring about relationship saving changes and amazing growth, with hard work.

What it is and what to expect:

Over the course of therapy we work together,  me as the coach, teaching you to heal and rebuild your relationship.  The goal is for you to be able to make your relationship a place of joy, successful and resilient.  The Gottman Method and my aim is to teaching you how to repair your relationship in the areas of: Friendship/intimacy, Conflict management, and Shared Meaning. This method is designed to help you address anything from the constant repetitive issues we all deal with  to deep betrayals in a relationship.

Couples sessions are 90 minutes long.  Some insurances cover couples counseling some does not; please check with your insurance.

The cost per session is $200

The intake process is part of therapy, it is three sessions and costs $600

How and How long:

In this method we believe in a full assessment of your relationship before starting therapy; like going to the doctor.  Then we work together to design a plan that addresses your unique needs as a couple.  Most couples stay in therapy a bit over a year with decreasing frequency of appointments. All couples sessions are 90 minutes long.

Things couples therapy isn't:

Couples therapy is not the the place to have someone judge the disagreements you have at home.  Couples therapy isn't a punishment for your partner. Couples therapy isn't an opportunity to blame,

Andi Berry has completed through Level 3 training in Gottman Method Couples Therapy. She integrates her Daring Way skills, Gottman Therapy and other relational therapies into your unique counseling experience.

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