Medical and Oncology Counseling

“This practice aims to care for our human side during a time of illness or loss.
It is an honor, no matter what the outcome, to be able to stand with people, see them grow and regain a sense of hope.” 

My goal is to offer you the support needed to get you or your family through the experience of living with a cancer or any medical diagnosis. When a family is touched by illness everyone feels its effects in their own way.
Support services are designed to meet the needs of caregivers, patients, family members (including children) and friends.  

Individual counseling can help you: 
Cope with the emotional side of cancer, heart disease, respiratory illness, diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis and other chronic illness. 
Services are available to help you manage fatigue, deal with depression and anxiety, adjust to the physical changes and body image changes, talk about changing relationships, cope with anger, cope with concern about death, cope with financial anxiety, be a better caregiver, face the overwhelming changes, parent with cancer, parent a child with a medical condition, cope with medical phobias and general distress. 

Couples counseling can help couples to: 
Strengthen a relationship at a stressful time, address the changes in relationships, cope with sexual and reproductive side effects, understand and support partners and spouses, increase communication skills to increase positive support, address and face end-of-life issues, address how chronic illness and pain changes relationships.
For more on couples counseling and the approach I utilize please see the Couples Counseling tab on the left.

Family counseling is a positive way to: 
Help families face a new diagnosis together, learn how to speak with children about illness in a developmentally appropriate manner, deal with sibling resentment and fear, help to identify children's anxieties (as a patient or as a family member,) develop ways to positively adjust to changing roles, address financial stresses, help families create legacy memories, help families manage long-term survivorship issues and end-of-life issues. 

Workshops offered on an occasional basis: 
Creative and expressive Workshops for patients, family members and friends, Caregiver support workshops, Coping with Grief workshops

All services may be billed to insurance, Medicaid or paid by the individual; these will be billed by Wyoming Art Therapy. Workshops may carry an additional small cash fee for specialized materials.
Sliding scale fees may be negotiated on a per person basis.

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