Men's Groups and Workshops

Up coming men's groups:

Thursday afternoons 4:30-6:30PM


8 sessions per group

Group size restricted to 10 and under

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Men's groups and workshops are designed to offer males a place and time to delve deeply into creating their own best version of themselves. They are based on the research and work of Brené Brown, PhD.

Daring Greatly™ groups will introduce you to new ways to love and accept yourself as you are and to understand self-worth is not a currency – it cannot be taken or given. 

We are all worthy of love, connection and belonging. The Daring Greatly™ workshop is based on Dr. Bréne Brown’s 15+ years of research and her renowned book by the same title, “Daring Greatly”

 The primary focus of the workshop is on developing shame resilience and a self -compassion practice that can transform the way you live, love, parent and lead.

We will explore topics such as vulnerability, courage, shame, worthiness, self-compassion and empathy. 

Through examining thoughts, emotions, and the behaviors that hold us back, we can learn to make new choices and develop new practices that will move us towards living a more authentic and whole-hearted life.

RISING STRONG™ is all about getting back up on your feet after a setback, failure, disappointment, transition, loss or anything else that may have caused you to feel like you’ve been overwhelmed, defeated or inadequate in some way.  

The objective is regaining your ability to believe in yourself and live a more authentic life.  The Rising Strong™ process can transform how you tell your stories of struggle, most importantly, the stories you tell yourself.”

Whether your “story” involves perfectionism, a health condition, difficult relationships, or a specific challenge that has been holding you back, this group may be for you. Engage in the “reckoning, rumble, and revolution™” of the Rising Strong™ process for overcoming failures, mistakes and downfalls. Learn how getting curious about your story. "You can own your own story, or your story can own you ..."

To sign up please fill out the CONTACT ME part of this page and say "DGMen™"  

Location: CenterPoint Laramie, 1465, N 4th St, Suite 100, Laramie WY 82070, 

Contact: 307-461-9905, [email protected]

Cost $540.00 course/person for the 8 weeks ($70.00/session) Some insurance companies will cover a portion of the fee. 
$12.00 materials fee for the workbook

Per-work: application or referral.  Daring Greatly™ groups are based on the research of Brené Brown PhD and the book "Daring Greatly." Rising Strong ™ groups are based on the research of Brené Brown and her book "Rising Strong."  Group participants are encouraged to read/listen to the appropriate book prior or during the group. The workbook is supplied for a small fee of $12.00.
The book is not supplied. It is available in libraries, at retailers and online stores.

Greatly™, Rising Strong™, and Gifts of Imperfection™ groups are not a substitute for individual therapy and may not be appropriate for all individuals or couples.

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